Discovering people

On the train from Paris to Barca

How many people do you think you will meet in a lifetime?  Say, at least one new person everyday? As an example, the taxi-driver, who made conversation with you on your way to work, counts as one too.

At my age, based on some simple math I could have met close to 10,000 people to date. But thanks to Facebook I can correctly identify 315 friends and probably an equal number of offline relatives/aquaintances bringing the realistic number down to 600?  The rest of the 9400 people I met but never got to know are perhaps happier beings as a result.

Either way this is quite a revelation! To think that we only keep in touch with about 5% of all the people we meet in a lifetime?  The number is more likely to be 2% without social networking websites. So where are the rest?

Some are forgotten forever, while others remain unforgettable memories.

Such as the silver haired tall warm smiling gentleman in Barcelona who helped me pick a good flamenco CD while insisting I should stay a few more days in Barca. Or the three beautiful ladies, in the picture, who traveled with me in the train from Paris.

Unforgettable memories are also made up of those totally annoying strangers you meet on a long flight like the mildly crazy and drunk English woman who would not stop talking to me from across the aisle. I still remember her tragic life story and how she was on the flight to India for spiritual enlightenment. After 8 glasses of wine I don’t think she was in the right spiritual plane but when she insisted and determinedly got up from her seat to smoke in the toilet of the airplane, I had no option but to call the steward and enlighten him on the goings on.

We humans are always such curiously intriguing cases. There is nothing more interesting than discovering other people, character building of sorts for the great plot of your life. Even if the characters just come and go, we could always keep some stories that make them memorable.

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