A mere graffiti…

I can’t make up my mind whether it is his boy-next-door looks or his obvious wild streak that makes me want to know Oliver Fricker better.

A swiss national, an ordinary software consultant until he decided to create a beautiful graffiti on the exterior of a train.  In any other country such an incident would have gone unnoticed. In Mumbai he could have probably become famous for the right reasons such as artistic ability and initiative!

But no… instead he chose the most vigilant, stringent and regulated country of Singapore to carry out his artistic but unfortunately criminal act (yea well he broke into a train depot).  And so it follows that he hits the front page of most Singaporean national dailies on a regular basis as the “Swiss vandal”. They say he could be part of a group of underground graffiti artists targeting metro trains around the world. Like why do people do such random acts of madness? It makes me laugh yet I’m curious to understand his motivations.

Was it just a whim to do something crazy? Or was he feeling too restricted and had a personal political agenda to make a point, loud and clear – something to the effect of  “So what if I’m in Singapore?”  But surely he must have known the repercussions of what he was doing ? From the latest its cost him his job, reputation, S$100,000 and in the near future a few strokes of caning and perhaps a jail-term even.

So I suppose he left behind a comfortable secure life to follow a sudden insane compulsive need – to spray paint! That’s all that mattered. Period. So he googled for the underground graffiti artists group, got in touch with this British dude, got some online lessons in spray painting and practiced diligently on some walls which are yet to be discovered (ha ha). Then he got his gear together and headed for the train depot, easily cut a fence, spent half a night lovingly decorating a train compartment with his Brit mate (who later escaped to HK).  It wasn’t until 2 days later that anybody even noticed that there was a train running around with unusual advertising.

Dear Oliver, I don’t know whether they are just holding back information about why you did what you did so I’ve tried to create a dramatic story around your motivations. I do hope it wasn’t just a case of too much beer, mixed with red bull and a bet?

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