Food that moves

“I love cooking because it is so relaxing and you also get to eat it in the end”, giggles an 8 year old Australian boy on Junior Masterchef.

“Why do you want to win Masterchef?”… “Because I like to be around people who cook as well”

Watching those little munchkins cook live on television is quite moving.  When they stand there with their beautiful creations, it is hard to keep your eyes on the food because the creators look so much more cute. Then they go ahead and describe with utmost panache what exactly they have doled out. Their cooking vocabulary is so delectable and esoteric that at times the little chefs themselves forget what exactly they made, “…it comes with, uh I can’t remember what its called…oh yes a tiny lemon reduction.”

Some people look at cooking as an utter waste of time. I know some feminists (really!) who refuse to cook at home and if they do, then as a matter of principle, there will be a timetable where the husband shall cook on pre-determined days as well. Other people eat to live, not fussy, like an apple a day, a sandwich and some cereals can keep them happy, day in and day out. Some others have maids or in Singapore they live close to food-courts so that every meal is a da-bao (takeaway). Those who live to eat can be found in every restaurant around town, if they have enough money and no cooking skills.

And then there are those who would rather cook anything, from scratch, than do a take-away or eat instant food. That is me. And it is not easy because on most days there is no time, so one gets forced to eat instant noodles or ice-cream for dinner which can be depressing. So when I have time, I disover myself making elaborate meals or trying out new cakes or marinating 2kgs of chicken for an impromptu BBQ. And even while I’m doing it, I dread all the mess I’ll have to clean up in the end, but nevetheless I enjoy thinking of the end-result. Of course when cooking you can’t be too spiritual about it and say the ‘result does not matter’.

As they say, beauty can be found in anything well done (in the case of steak it could be rare or medium too). That said, I haven’t even scratched the surface of culinary art but yet it is definitely worth dabbling in. Think about it…it is an art that can literally be consumed, that can feed your body and soul, that can open up hearts, that can bring on smiles, that can remind you of long lost memories and one that can definitely leave a wonderful after-taste. So where is your apron?

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