Back in Mumbai

One of my new year resolutions for 2011 was to return to my roots – to India, to the peace in the mayhem, to the patience in the rush. Returning after six years,I’ve found myself getting happy about the littlest things, whether it is a masala cutting chai in the office or a surprise bunch of red roses in the traffic light. From spotting the occassional elephant on the road to a ram peeping out of a taxi… I confess I have been as excited as a tourist about Incredible India.

And then of course getting married meant being surrounded by family, chatter, culture, traditions, colors, jewellery, love, food, friends, fun and lots of emotions.

A new job in a true blue Indian company also meant a very rough induction into a completely different kind of (work) culture! Took me some time to adjust to the decibel levels, the emotions on the sleeves and the new title of ‘madam’. When kids at work start addressing you as ‘madam’, the pressure to act and look like one is quite palpable!  If only I found enough time in the morning to drape a saree, that’d be half the battle won.

And so my wardrobe looks like nothing it did in Singapore. Sigh. Of course it has also changed for the worse to adjust to the expanding girth. I singularly blame the salwar-kameez (or ‘punjabi suit’ if that helps) for hiding the inconvenient truth from Indian women. You see, you just cannot fit into your old trousers and fitted shirt if you start gaining inches. But the chudidar-kurti (now also available in lycra) will never give you a problem until you have gained may be 10kgs. By then it will be too late.

Who cares though! I am still excited about all the home-cooked Indian food that I missed in Singapore and am exploring Bengali cuisine as much as I can. Cheers to being back!

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